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TikToker Recruited Help Finding a Cute Dracula Statue for Very Important Reason

What a way to help a girl out.

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you wanted something so badly, that you searched everywhere, but still wasn’t ablate find what your were looking for? It can be quite frustrating when your search comes up short and it almost makes you want to give up until you find a bigger, more important reason to stick with your search.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator Aprill of @prettylittlediy. Originally searching for herself, the DIYer was on a Halloween hunt for a miniature Dracula, however, once she received a touching comment from one of her followers, the focus changed from herself to her follower and we love how this turned out.


As she mentioned in the video she had been searching everywhere for the kid Dracula and although she couldn’t find it anywhere she searched, she was able to narrow the search down to three stores - TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or HomeGoods. Although she was switching to a more casual search for the kid Dracula, she instantly became inspired and more focused to find it after receiving this comment from TikTok user @thismamakatie: “If anyone finds an extra Dracula please, I’ll pay. My five-year-old son was him for Halloween one year, he passed away from cancer [and I] would live this by his pic.”

That comment moved us as well so we’re not surprised by Aprill’s new motivation to find this kid Dracula. And thankfully, she was able to find it with the amazing help from her TikTok followers.

We love how they were all able to come together to help this woman; what a beautiful ending to this story.