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Woman Transforms Thrifted Piece Into Popular Modern Tile Table For Half the Price

The end result is so worth it!

One thing we’ve learned over time is — new doesn’t always equate to being better. There are plenty of second-hand items such as clothes and furniture pieces that are practically new or have been restored to a new-like condition. Given how cost-effective and the nice quality of most second-hand pieces, it makes sense why thrifting is so popular amongst many, including TikTok thrifter @dani.elle.marie. Recently, she uploaded a video showing us how she easily upgraded an ordinary thrifted table into a cute modern tile table. The final look is stunning, yall!


She made it look so easy! And the finished look is so cute, she could easily sell this and make a huge profit considering how much spent on this DIY. We love how perfectly spaced the tiles, too! She said it was her first time doing this type of DIY, but we’re impressed — she definitely nailed it! Viewers in the comments were intrigues with the the final outcome of this project, too! “Looks so good !!!!” @dreahn1 wrote. “So cool and an easy-ish DIY” @modernmary commented.

Tile tables similar to this DIY — like this one from Urban Outfitters, can easily cost a few hundred dollars for tables half the size.

TBH, we actually prefer the DIY more. Let us know what you think!