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Couple Who Moved Into An Old Church Discovers Hidden Time Capsule

The Rogersville Methodist Church was established in 1936 and was purchased by the Morley's in 2021.

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Some people have a natural ability to see the potential in things. Whether it is an old TV stand or an abandoned church, making something out of nothing can often yield the best results. 

In 2021, the Morley family decided to take a crazy plunge and bought an old church to remodel and live in and it has been quite the adventure. In addition to wild remodeling plans, they even used the space mid renovation to host their wedding.

The latest cool portion of the trip? Finding a time capsule. 


Behind the cornerstone of their house hid a small but really interesting time capsule. Apparently this was a common practice with early homes, with each stone hiding something important and meaningful to the builder/owner. 


In this one, they uncovered an old New Testament, documents, and perhaps the coolest find of all, original blueprints to the property. The other keepsakes were little personal trinkets to priests and builders. It's like finding a small slice of history. Followers "demanded" the couple preserve the prints and frame them, and we sure hope they follow through. 

We wonder what else they may find on their remodel journey!