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Woman’s “Time Crunch Craft” Is Perfect If You Need a Quik Gift and You’re Broke

Seriously, anyone could do this.

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So you love crafts and DIY projects, but you feel like you aren't as good at them as other TikTokers? Don't worry - it takes some practice. You can start small by bedazzling a skull, perfect for Halloween. 

Or you can tune into this TikTok channel @shittycraftclub by creator Sam Reece, who shows easy DIY projects that are quick and budget-friendly. Like this macramé or as she calls it "MOCKramé."


Not sure what the difference is between a real macramé and this version, but looks real and pretty good to me. As you can see in her video, all you need is some sturdy and heavy-duty yarn or string. Cut them into 4 even strings, which should be two wingspans. Find their center, and knot them on top, where you have four loops. Hang it on a hook and get to work by separating the now eight strings (math I know) and knotting each pair evenly. Then you would connect them by knotting them with the other pairs, creating a sort of net. And lastly, make a big knot on the bottom, so whatever you want to carry is secured. 

This works well to hang small planters with pothos for example, or a pencil jar. Whichever it is, the lighter it is - the better. Since you only did a quick version without many knots.

This would also make a great last-minute gift!