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Teen Pranks Parents By Wrapping Their Entire Kitchen In Foil

If too much time on your hands was a person…

Thanks to social media, mainly YouTube, playing pranks on people is more than just getting a good laugh amongst family and friends, the goal is to get millions to laugh with you, which is exactly what TikTok user @corbinmillet did in this viral video.


In the video seen by over 12 million people, the first clip shows what his parents’ kitchen looked like prior to the teen completing the prank. Next, we’re shown how he managed to completely cover the entire kitchen in tin foil, only leaving the kitchen’s window curtains, the time on the stove and the refrigerator magnets exposed. The final clip shows the annoyance of his dad when he walks into the kitchen only to discover the entire kitchen looking like a huge to-go dish.

The comment section was mixed with some people finding the prank hilarious and others’ thinking this was a total waste of tin foil. “I admire the dedication it took to do everything in the kitchen. I wouldn't have been mad,” @babrackney wrote. “That’s $800 in aluminum foil…” @_shemwell_ commented. “That’s not nice. The waste is the problem. Is not even how expensive is,” @arlentroncoso shared.

While we’re not exactly sure how long this took to cover the kitchen in foil, we’re certain that he definitely had a lot of time on his hands to execute it.