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This Tiny Bottle Garden Is The Cutest Thing

And you can eaisly make one too!

Miniature anything these days has become a hobby of many, especially creating tiny terrariums, such as this TicTac terrarium. It seems like you can create a landscape scenery with anything really, even with the smallest of things.

TikToker and terrarium maker Ben Newell (@worcesterterrariums) demonstrates how he turns his empty party favors into cool collectibles.


Isn't this the cutest little garden, you've ever seen? Although this might look like tedious work, it also seems relaxing. All you need to recreate this fun little DIY project are; little alcohol bottles called "shooters," terrarium substrate, akadama, java moss, baby fittonia, some water, and long skinny tweezers. Then you place the terrarium substrate on the bottom of the bottle, followed by a few drops of water, crushed akadama, java moss, and topped off with the baby fittonia. It is recommended to remove the label of the bottle first though. And that's it. A small funnel might also be useful. You can also use different little plants such as peacock fern, creeping fig, or string of turtles. Succulents can work too if they come small enough to be placed in a tiny bottle.

So next time you are having a party with tiny booze bottles, don't toss them out. Create something Etsy-worth it with them, like terrariums, or snow globes but in a bottle. 

We certainly love this idea!