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Woman Transforms Bottle Brushes Into Colorful Christmas Trees and It’s Brilliant

How cute!

The holiday season is the perfect time to let your creativity shine without breaking the bank. Such as going to Micheals for some plain nutcrackers and turning them into some fun disco ones. However, the beloved Dollar Tree is also always a great option to find material for some DIY Christmas projects.

Speaking of the Dollar Tree, this TikTok account @hometalk shares a great hack on how to use bottle brushes for Christmas decor. Take a look!

These work great as tiny Christmas trees! It's like they are made for this!

If you want to jump on that bandwagon as well, you would just need a few medium-sized bottle brushes from the Dollar Tree, a drill, some wooden blocks, some spray paint, and some strong glue - such as hot glue - to hold them in place. 

All you need to do is cut off the handle, trim a few bristles so you have a stem - so to speak, drill a hole into the wooden blocks, add a little glue, and place the brush head into the hole. The next and final step is to spray-paint them in festive Christmas colors, such as red, green, and chrome - but you can use other colors too, of course!

Don't they look cute? 

These would look great being displayed in the windows of your home. Or as a centerpiece for your table. 

This DIY project also works great as a family activity with your kids, since craft projects are always a hit among youngsters. 

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