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Designer Makes Tiny Home Look Like a Mansion

We wouldn’t hate living there!

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When the COVID-19 pandemic started many people decided to give up their apartments, or sell their houses, to buy a van instead and travel across the states. However, the next best thing on the market was - and still is - portable tiny homes. Yes, you read correctly!

However, just because it has the word "tiny" it - doesn't mean it's the size of an RV. This designer of Shaye's Tiny Homes (@shayestinyhomes) demonstrates in their video how massive a tiny home can actually be.


I would so buy one! Unfortunately, they are located in New Zealand and don't ship worldwide. However, if you are in New Zealand and interested in the process of owning a tiny home, you can check out their website for more info.

For now let's just admire this lovely place which has a huge porch, and two big bedrooms! 

The porch itself makes already all the difference when it comes to giving the illusion of space. As soon as you come in, you find the kitchen area, which is pretty spacious in comparison to some New York City apartments I've seen. To your right is the living room area, and all the way to the left is the guest bedroom, which is next to a fancy-looking and spacious bathroom. Right by the kitchen, is the stairway to heaven that leads up to a massive master bedroom. Look how roomy it is and how much natural light comes in! Honestly, it looks so much better than any apartment I've ever lived in.

It's flexible, sustainable, and in the long run more affordable than owning a house or a condo. And the best part is if you decide to relocate - you just take it with you. 

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