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Warning: Virtually Touring This Tiny House May Convince You To Sell Your Home

With soaring prices and a dicey housing market, people are turning to tiny home living and after seeing this place? We get it.

The age old adage "sometimes less is more" never really felt applicable to homes. As a culture we have always equated large home with success. The idea that we need a lot of stuff to make a house a home is practically a pillar of American society. 

Gee, thanks capitalism.

But with the state of affairs the world is currently in, the idea of downsizing is more and more practical. Building material, mortgages, and home maintenance are astronomically expensive, and frankly many folks just aren't in a place to make it happen for themselves or their families. As a result, the tiny home movement has absolutely exploded and has shown people that you don't need a lot of space to have a quality home. And if you aren't convinced yet, this incredible build might be the thing that sells you.


The builder behind this masterpiece is Shaye's Tiny Homes, and their whole M.O. is create spaces that are compact but carefully curated so it doesn't feel as tiny as it really is. This particular slice of heaven is completely portable and features a gorgeous outdoor deck that can fold up for transportation. Inside there are nooks and crannies for storage, and a split mezzanine that creates a work and sleeping quarters at full height. 

Tiny homes are offering people real financial freedom, and they are functional and gorgeous to boot. We could tour these homes all day.