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Mom Decorates Toddler’s Room for Christmas and Honestly We’re Jealous

That little room is looking cuter that my whole house.

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We talk a lot about getting our own houses ready for the holidays, but how often do you include the kiddos? Do you let them pick out some decorations for the Christmas tree or, if they’re old enough, help string up lights and inflate the inflatables outdoors?

Well, one TikTok mom Andrea Moreno has decided she would go one step further and full-on decorate her toddler’s room, just in time for the Christmas season!



Now, everything in the room that Andrea decorates has to be toddler friendly, obviously because it is for a toddler! That means there is no full-sized Christmas tree or anything that could hurt the kiddo if pulled over, but that still leaves plenty of room for decorations!

To start the sheets and bedding are all changed out for all Santa and tree-covered ones, with a chunky blanket and small Santa plush on top. A new white and red garland is put up to replace the old car one, to keep more in line with the holiday cheer. There’s a mini Christmas tree, put up safely out of reach, and missing lights or anything breakable, and even all of the books are swapped out for Christmas-friendly ones!

Of course Andrea doesn’t stop there (and why should she?) there’s still plenty more decor to be added in the shape of penguin and Christmas tree plushies, a light up and bob-in-place Santa, and so much more. Honestly, we are not even going to deny just how jealous we are because the sheer lengths that Andrea goes to is probably more than we’d do in our own living rooms!

Maybe we could hire her to come decorate?

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