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Mom Thinks She Just Caught Son Playing With a Ghost In Their New Home and She's Ready To Move

"I find her," he says as he points to NOTHING.

We've all let our imaginations get the best of us. There are times in our old houses where we hear doors slam for no reason or floorboards creaking unprovoked but typically we can just chalk it up to the wind or the house settling. 

Whether you are a hardcore denier of an afterlife or you're a card carrying Ghostbuster, there's a video making the rounds on TikTok that is pretty hard to explain. What is even more wild is that it was all caught on camera.

There aren't any floating spectral mists, but what mom Jennifer Lynn (@vixximcmxcii) did happen to capture the creepy moment that her son was playing with a friend. Except, there was no physical friend to be seen anywhere. Just her son, his scattered toys and a finger pointing to what appears to be... well, nothing. 

After hearing her son giggling, the mom turned on her camera to capture whatever was going to happen next. Through the framework of an unfinished wall we see her son stand up and sort of bob about, almost as if he is trying to chase someone. We hear him say "HA!" and then scurry to catch the unseen entity. 

"Oh god no," we hear the mom groan as she rounds the corner. 

"I find her," the toddler exclaims as he points to an empty doorframe. When the mom asked him what he said, he repeats it and continues pointing to nothing. She was clearly spooked, while her kid seemed just fine with his new playmate. 

Creeped out followers chimed in, some joking that "good news is you're still packed." Other regaled their own tales of "imaginary friends" who turned out to not be so imaginary after all. Some even swore they heard a voice say "you found me.," which leads us to the only logical conclusion:

Count your losses and sell the house lady, and maybe make sure the kid gets some sort of spiritual cleansing.