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Mom Offers Solution For Parents of Destructive Toddlers and It’s So Genius

Save your decorations!
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Terrible twos, threenager, ferocious fours… the list goes on. Toddlers don’t want to be troublemakers or destructive but let's face it they have so much energy they come by it naturally. Mothers alike know that once your baby starts walking its game over for your fragile decorations. They end up in boxes packed in the attic, in high places like on top of the refrigerator to get dusty, or if you don't act fast enough on the ground in a bunch of tiny pieces.

We love our toddlers but we also love our decorations and we shouldn't have to sacrifice the fragile things we love to accommodate our kids just being kids. Love that $50 Antropologie vase but are afraid to display it? Well, content creator and mother @cassmelaniee just posted a TikTok that every decoration loving mother is raving about- one that will provide “insurance” to that uninsurable anthro vase.


In the quick video the mother of a toddler shows how she uses museum wax on the bottom of her fragile items- in this case some delicate white vases- to keep them gripped on their surface. She goes on to explain that the museum wax is extremely durable holding the items on their surface they sit without causing any damage to the furniture, when you want to remove the items simply twist and peel them off and the wax leaves no residue or marks.

 This is one mom hack we won’t be forgetting!