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So This Is What You Do With Your Toilet Brush After You Clean Your Toilet

Did you know this?

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Cleaning a toilet is quite easy to do: you apply your cleaner into your toilet, follow the directions on the back of the cleaners’ container and simply grab your toilet bowl brush to start scrubbing. After you finish the chore, you then rush to put the brush back where you got it from to hopefully avoid getting any of the water from the toilet onto the bathroom floor. This last step is probably the most crucial step in cleaning your toilet as most people prefer to avoid the messiness of that transfer altogether, but don’t quite understand how to avoid doing so.

Well, thanks to TikTok content creator @sidneyraz, you no longer have to worry about that messy transfer. Take a look at the video below to see this useful tip he shared.


So rather than rush to put the toilet bowl brush away and potentially getting the toilet bowl water over the floor, he offers a simple solution of placing the toilet bowl brush underneath the toilet seat to allow it to drip dry.

Our minds are blown with this simple tip — it’s so genius! Unsurprisingly, his followers and viewers in the comment section were just as enthralled with this tip as we are.