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Woman Swears Adding This to Your Toilet Tank Will Keep the Bowl Fresh and Clean

Honestly surprised we never though of this ourselves.

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What is one part of the bathroom that you absolutely hate cleaning? For most of us it comes down to one of three things - under the sink, your shower, or, worst of all, the toilet. Toilets just tend to get so gross and even the mental image of cleaning them is enough to gross most people out.

But what if we told you there was a simple and easy way to add just one ingredient to your toilet that could help save you, at least on the smell part?


Britt from the BetterCleaningBritt channel on TikTok has a long list of cleaning hacks and tips that you can use in your day-to-day life or while going around your house cleaning. And she, like many of us, has had quite the issues with her bathroom, specifically her toilet.

Her secret to a super clean, and super clean smelling, toilet? Simple Dawn dish soap. Just pull the top off your tank, give it a good squeeze or two, replace the lid and flush! You should see some instant sudsing in the toilet bowl, meaning that the soap has already made its way through and is already doing its work. The soap should also stay in your tank for at least a few flushes, meaning you are getting a more continuous clean.

It is kind of like a toilet bowl stick-on, but by putting the soap in your tank you are actually making the water itself smell better and running through all of the tubes and pipes that run from the tank to the bowl and down! Commenters also pointed out that Dawn may also be helpful in keeping your pipes unclogged, so if you have a problem with drainage, maybe give this a try for that as well!