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Check Out This Genius Curtain Hack Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Never would have even crossed my mind...

Okay, so raise your hand if you’ve ever had this problem.

You have some great, gorgeous curtains. They are the exact length you want and block the light just right. But somehow, once you have put them on the rod and gotten them up on the window, they just do not look like it. You slide them right, then left, trying to get that perfect bunch and fold like in all the movies and television commercials. But it never works. Well, guess what? There is a trick to this, as one creative TikToker has just shared the curtain secret with us.


So what is the tip? Toilet paper rolls. Yes, the thing that most of us throw away after using the bathroom can be used for something other than filling up your trash bin. The first of the three tips that DIYer and home decorator Drew Scott (LoneFoxHome) has introduced to us, the toilet paper roll hack, is the perfect way to get the perfect movie-ready folds in your curtains. One commenter also tipped us to the idea that if you want to ensure that you never see the toilet paper rolls, you can paint them the same color as your curtain rod.

Two other tips are included in this hack-heavy TikTok; both quite helpful in different ways. One helps those hanging a picture frame on the wall drill holes exactly where they need to go using only tape, while the third of the tips are pretty simple and perhaps not quite as ‘hacky’ but still helpful. Stuff larger pillows into slightly smaller pillowcases for that fluffy, ‘full’ look.

Commenters are going crazy for these super simple living room hacks, with many suggesting tips and tricks of their own. Some suggest using PVC pipe or a pool noodle instead of toilet paper rolls, while others are reminding viewers that they do need to remove the tape before actually hanging their picture frames.