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Woman Makes Impressive Faux Cactus Out of Toilet Paper

Perfect for taco Tuesdays!

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Did you know that toilet paper is actually incredibly versatile? It’s true, even if it is a little bit of strange thing to say. But toilet paper, at least the inner rolls, have long been a staple of many a craft, and I could point to dozens, if not hundreds, of craft projects that use the same base.

But what about the toilet paper itself? That is a new one on us, but TikTok creator Yesenia Masks has proven that you can not only use toilet paper on your bum, but you can also use it to make life-sized cactuses with a bit of creativity and a few other ‘ingredients.’


To start off this DIY you are going to want to grab plenty of toilet paper and a huge bowl full of water. Start putting the toilet paper in the water and using your fingers to help break it all up. You will want a soggy mess by the time you are done, so don’t worry or start thinking you aren’t doing it right if everything is falling apart! After you’ve done that step, put it all in some cheesecloth and squeeze out as much water as you can!

Following that, put it back into your now water-free bowl and add flour, vegetable oil, and Elmer’s school glue, mixing yourself up a nice paste that resembles paper mache. After that you will start building up your form, creating a base out of pipes and paper towel holders, with some stiff paper being cut to give it more of that cactus shape.

Once you’ve done all that, start slapping on your paper mache mix. This is going to bulk everything out and really give you that filled in shape. After that layer is dry you can get to the fun part, painting, really giving it that fun, poppy cactus look! The bristles from a floor brush make the perfect cactus spines, and you can glue them onto the edges after your paint is all dry!

And there you have it - the perfect faux cactus for… whatever you might need it for!

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