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Here’s the Only Way to Plant Tomatoes For a Great Harvest

This is essential if you’re planning on planting in an actual garden bed.

Many more people have understandably picked up the skill of gardening in the past couple of years. Whether to grow their own food, to relieve stress, or both, gardening has definitely become a popular activity amongst the masses.

Thankfully for beginner gardeners, many seasoned gardeners have took to social media to share their own gardening tips to help those who need it. Recently, TikTok @raisinglions shared a beneficial tip to help grow an abundance of tomatoes in a garden bed.


How great is this gardening tip? We love that she used an auger spiral drill to dig a deep hole into the ground as opposed to using a general shovel. What a way to work smarter and not harder. After she drilled the deep and narrow hole, she mixed crushed egg shells for calcium and epsom salt for magnesium into the hole to avoid burning the roots upon contact. Next, she removed all of the leaves from the tomato with the exception of the top leaf to improve good air flow and so it’s one less thing the plant has to feed. Afterwards, she mashes the roots so they’re less compact and can branch out into the soil once they’re planted, before finally covering the plant with mulch.

We love this gardening tip and judging by the comments, we’re not the only ones, either!

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