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Here Are Two Things You Should Do Every Time You Water Your Tomato Plants

Take these simple steps for a better tomato harvest.

When it comes to gardening and especially growing tomatoes, it tends to be an all-or-nothing sort of thing. Either you manage to produce a really great crop, or it all goes terrible, and you have nothing but runty little tomatoes that you could barely use on a salad. Or maybe that is just me, and you have a super green thumb that can grow everything perfectly every time. If so, I want to hear your secrets!


Lucky for me (and many other gardeners growing tomatoes), we have people like chef Laura Rodriguez on our sides! This TikTok creator has brought us a video showing us two simple, easy tips that can help boost our tomato growing game.

The best news for gardeners without a lot of time, these two ‘hacks’ are quick and can be done alongside your regular watering routine. Of course, everyone has their own ‘thing’ when it comes to growing tomatoes, but at least these two tips can be easily incorporated without changing up much of your current tomato-growing plans. All it really takes is remembering to do it, since you won’t have to invest in extra equipment, fertilizers, or anything else.

I also love the additional tricks in the comment section and seeing what worked or did not for other viewers. Excessive rainfall (or overwatering) seems to be a common issue for many, with several commenters lamenting the fact that they have seen too much rain lately for their crops to grow well. Others are sharing their issues with pests or pesky animals sneaking in for a bite, while a few lucky individuals are stating they simply throw out some seeds and, boom, tomato plants.

Not me, I’ll take all the help that I can get.