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Texas Woman Uses Toothpaste To Hang Her Picture Frames On The Wall and We're Amazed

This is such a genius hack!

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One of the easiest ways to make our house a home is to add our own personal touches. For some people, that means furnishing your home to include that special bar stool that’s now an heirloom after being in your family for several generations, while for mostly everyone, adding a personal touch to your space is to fill your walls with picture frames filled with you and your loved ones.

The only downside to hanging picture frames is you have to have a great pair of eyes or an equally great hack to avoid hanging your picture frames crooked. And if you’re in need of another great hack to perfectly hang your picture frames, check out this simple hack from TikTok content creator @honestlyautumn.


As seen in the video, the self-proclaimed “mom hack bestie” effortlessly hangs her picture frames perfectly on her walls by using toothpaste. To do this, she simply puts a little toothpaste onto the spots where the nails need to go, places the frame onto the area of the wall where she wants to hang the frame and then uses the toothpaste as a marker to hammer the nails to the right spot on the wall.

So simple and it works!