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These Toxic Kitchen Swaps Are so Necessary (And Quite Easy to Do!)

These are pure gold!

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Many people decide to go “green” or live a sustainable life for a variety of reasons, including to better the environment, to live a more minimal lifestyle, for health-related reasons or for all of the above. For TikTok user @lesliekhealthnhormones, her reason for swapping out her toxic kitchen products for more “clean” options, was a combination of bettering both the environment and her health.

So if you’re looking to make the same changes in your kitchen, check out this video from her where she explained her reasoning for making this necessary change.

As detailed in the video, the first swap she suggests to make is getting rid of your non-stick pans and replacing them with either cast iron pans or stainless steel pans due to them both not containing any “forever chemicals” such as pfoas, that don’t break down in neither our bodies or environment and are floating around in our environment, including in our food and water.

Next, she recommends replacing your plastic food containers with glass containers with a silicone lid. Plastic containers are made with BPAs, which are known endocrine disruptors, which can cause hormonal issues within the body.

Finally, she suggests switching out your plastic utensils for bamboo utensils, as well as using a high-quality drinking water filter to help further remove any heavy metals that are left in water.

That’s a lot of information packed into the helpful video, and we definitely appreciate her sharing this helpful information. While all of these toxic swaps are necessary to do, feel free to gradually make the changes over time to better both the environment and your health.

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