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Woman Hatches Actual Chickens From Trader Joe’s Eggs

Fertilized eggs are apparently trendy to eat AND can help you start your coop on the cheap
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Trader Joe’s is one of the trendiest food markets, famous for their decadent spreads such as the popular cookie butter, seasonal pumpkin spread, and cinnamon bun spread. They sell almost everything, from snacks, to frozen dinners, wine and beer, baked goods, meats and cheese, produce, and eggs.

One content creator @ranch_rumors noticed something odd in the Trader Joe’s egg section, which after purchasing led to live hatched chickens right in her home. 


The woman noticed the cartoon of eggs being sold at Trader Joe’s were unlike any she had seen before, they had a label on the front that read “fertile eggs”. So instantly she bought a carton, brought them home, and placed them in her incubator. Eventually, she heard chirping as she approached the incubator and the first hatched baby chick appeared.

The comment section contained viewers who were shocked, mixed with many viewers wanting to drop everything and grab a carton for themselves and others that were disgusted the store would sell such a thing.

Either way…if you want to start your own chicken farm and can’t find baby chicks anywhere maybe check your local Trader Joe’s!