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You Need to See the Mexican Traditional Floral Candle Making Process

It is a beautiful process.

While the United States and even parts of Europe await the arrival of Halloween, countries south of the border are patiently waiting to celebrate Día de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, which is a day after Halloween. It is almost the same concept, where people dress up, mostly in colorful decorative skulls, known as sugar skulls, and celebrate the deceased. The saying goes that the souls of the deceased will visit that day to celebrate with their loved ones. 

A major part of this event is candles, and although this cool bleeding skull candle would blend in just fine, they usually use different types of homemade candles for their activities, such as TikToker Andrea (@andreapcreative) shows us in her video.


Aren't these beautiful? So much love and patience go into making them, and events such as Día de Los Muertos mean a lot of work since a lot of candles are needed, as well as bigger versions. Look at these colors! They are so bright and vibrant, almost neon-like, and the flowers and leaves carry so much detail. I wonder how many of those handcrafted candles are being made per day? It looks like this little shop produces quite a lot. 

We love this cute little candle shop! Next time you visit Mexico, make sure to pick up a few of those handmade candles.