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Woman Transforms Old Trampoline Into a New Swimming Pool

This is pretty genius

Summer may not have officially arrived yet, but we’re already receiving a glimpse of the hot and humid weather we can expect in the next coming months. And with kids out of school for the summer season, many parents are understandably looking for fun activities to keep their kids both busy and cool to get them though their school break. Swimming pools are obviously a great choice to keep kids cool and entertained, however, many stores are selling out of pools quicker than they can receive restocks.

Rather than wait for the next restock, innovative TikTok mom @paintatyourownrisk shows us exactly what she did to ensure her kids have a cool and fun summer by transforming a trampoline into a swimming pool!


This is probably one of the best summer hacks we’ve seen so far! We love how this quick-thinking mom is ensuring her kids will have a fun summer while still being able to keep cool. With over seven million views, many people are just as intrigued with this hack as we are. To start, she took the trampoline apart and wrapped heavy duty plastic wrap around the base of the trampoline several times before applying a 30 x 35 tarp over the entire base. After applying the tarp, she used the heavy duty plastic plastic to wrap the base and tarp again.

We’re currently waiting to see the finished project and hopefully we’ll get an update soon!