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Stuffing a Trash Bag In Your Door Can Help Keep the Cold at Bay

This is especially useful for states facing brutal cold fronts.

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Many of us around the country are facing what could potentially be one of the craziest winters in recent history. As this is being typed, we are expected to see a massive cold front blow through, bringing even southern states into a deeper freeze than some have seen in years, even decades. So what can you do to get yourself, your pets, and your home prepared?

Well, there are plenty of tips out there from wrapping your pipes to making sure that your water is dripping ever so slightly, but here’s yet another one that you can use, straight from TikTok creator Paulina Gar!


Now, the idea behind winterizing just about anything is to keep the cold where it belongs - outside. But sadly there are plenty of houses that simply aren’t prepared for the excessive winter cold, especially when it comes to insulation. I personally live in the south in a state that very rarely sees more than a dip into freezing temperatures, so I’ve been collecting tips like these for weeks now.

This tip specifically has you grabbing trash bags or extra bags that you may have lying around following a grocery run and stuffing them into any cracks in your doors. Your doors are a huge windbreak and often there is at least some small area where cold and wind can sneak through. Just go and run your hand around the edge of the door, or try and spy any light peeking through.

Those very gaps that wind and light are coming through are going to allow tons of cold in as well. So grab your bags and something like a putty knife or paint scraper, and start stuffing it in any and every gap that you can find. This can work on outer doors and inner doors, especially if power goes out and you are trying to limit yourself to one room to save as much heating as you can!

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