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Woman Shares The Best Kitchen Hack For Storing Trash Bags

How have we not thought of this before?

We’ve come across many amazing kitchen hacks that have helped us tremendously with getting our kitchen together in the best way possible. From clearing our counter spaces to organizing our cabinets, we’ve just about figured out how to turn our basic kitchens into Pinterest-worthy spaces.

However, just when we thought we’ve come across every kitchen hack possible, TikTok user @kami_larae completely wowed us with this amazing trash bag hack. It’s so simple, yet so effective!


Wow! We’re scratching our heads wondering why we’ve never thought to use a paper towel holder to store our trash bags before. This is so much better than keeping the trash bags tucked away in that bulky box in the back of your cabinet behind your cleaning products. Not only is it more convenient to use a paper towel holder for the trash bags, but it also gives you more free space in your cabinet! We love how simple and aesthetically-pleasing this hack is and viewers in the comments do, too! “OMG. I've had one that I keep moving for over a year. now I know what to do with it,” TikTok user @makita9969 wrote. “Thanks I’ll go get mine out my trunk it’s been sitting 2 years now I can use it,” another TikTok user @jusladiredd commented. “OMG that is great. Takes up less space than the box,” @babypicc82 wrote.

Welp, we’re sold. Off to Dollar Tree to pick up another paper towel holder.