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Woman Uses Trash to Perfectly Store Ornaments Safely

Cups, egg cartons and coffee caddies, oh my!

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You can wave goodbye to the inlaws, stash away your wreaths, take down the Christmas tree, and painfully pluck the Christmas lights off the house… Christmas is officially over. No more cleaning non-stop every day while your family is in town visiting, or cooking for hordes of people and while trying to stay fueled yourself.

The holidays are great but if one more red sparkly ribbon gets stuck to the bottom of our shoes we might go freak out. Rest assured it's time to pack up all of the decorations, yard art, and tree ornaments so we can do it all again next year!

TikToker and Christmas lover @lorafied has a genius hack for packing up tree ornaments in the most affordable way, so things stay organized and don’t risk breaking in storage.

Starting with a large clear storage tote bin the woman uses cardboard drink holders to line the bottom. She sets the glass bulbs in the drinks holders and they fit perfectly. Once the first layer is full she sets cardboard on top. The next row the woman uses short party cups which also hold the glass ornaments perfectly. For the small glass ornaments the woman places them in an old egg carton, filling each egg cell with one ball, adding nice protection for storage. For plastic ball ornaments the woman separates them byu color and stores them in plastic bags.

For Christmas tree lights the woman uses a hanger to wrap up the smaller lights and cuts a frame out of cardboard to wrap the larger string lights. She uses plastic wrap to contain fluffy decorations- like mini trees and wreaths- so they store tightly. Lastly she uses a pair of pantyhose to wrap up Christmas candles to protect them from getting scratched up, which works really well if you have decorative or sparkly candles!

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