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Artist Transforms Literal Trash Into Beautiful Jewelry and TikTok Is Obsessed

From trash to fashion...

One thing to be true about people who are passionate about recycling, they care about the environment. After all, properly recycling has a ton of benefits including reducing waste to landfills, conserves natural resources such as water and trees, saves energy, prevents pollution and so much more. Clearly, it pays to recycle.


Especially in this case with “trash artist” and jewelry maker @loveheylola who transforms literal trash into beautiful and unique rainbow jewelry and sells them. Her skills are so impressive!


How cool is this transformation?! We love how she took multiple items such as plastic cups, Tupperware lids, shampoo bottles, binder dividers, water bottles and other items and created unique pieces of rainbow-themed jewelry out off them.

With over three million views and 2,000 comments, plenty of people in the comment section were impressed with the final look of these trash-turned-treasure hoop earrings. “I love this, coming from someone that was born on earth day,” TikTok user @graboid_94beauty wrote. “This is so cool,” @cl0wnic0rn commented. “I can’t tell you how much I love this idea!” @bless.edbeeboutique wrote. “I LOVE this!! I try to make things, use things that would be trash too - and it makes me love the end result all the more!” another TikTok user commented. “SCREAMING!!!!! I wasn’t expecting the end result!!! I love it so much,” @madeupmandixoxo commented.

These are lovely hoop earrings and can make great gifts for just about anyone in your life!