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This DIY Project Took a $20 Table and Made It Look Amazing

From trash to treasure!

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When you are looking for your next great piece of furniture, big or small, where do you go? If you said Walmart, Ikea, Pottery Barn, or any of the big box stores, I totally understand but that is also kind of boring - isn’t it? In fact, you can find plenty of great (and far cheaper) pieces at places like your local Facebook marketplace or thriftstores that would do just as well, if not better with just a little bit of love and work.

This is the point that the creator behind Fig+Rosewood proves with her awesome table flip that takes a twenty dollar marketplace table to something far beyond my wildest expectations.


This flip starts off, well… rather uninspiring. The table itself is a plane-jane thing that I am surprised cost a whole twenty dollars, but to be fair it is a pretty solid piece. It also has some pretty solid metal legs, so it has that going for it, I guess?

The creator starts off by sanding the entire top down, getting rid of the fake exterior and revealing the wood grain beneath and already the pale wood looks so, so much better than the original. A light stain and sealant is added, just to make sure that nothing can get through to the table itself as well as to just bring out a little bit more of that beautiful patterning.

After that, the creator uses some more wood, plywood this time, and cuts it to have two sides that attach to each of the legs. Dowels are then cut and added around each of the metal legs, hiding the fact that the whole thing isn’t one single piece. That whole thing gets another coat of light stain and sealant just to make sure everything has a cohesive look and doesn’t just look like someone’s slapped some plywood up, and that’s it!

Honestly, I am SO here for the end result - it totally transforms the look of the entire table and makes it look so much more up-scale than before. This is probably one of my favorite flips I’ve seen in a while, and you can bet that I’ll be giving this channel an immediate follow!

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