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Couple Finds Old Windows and Creates an Entire Green House Out of Them

One man’s trash is literally another’s treasure

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There are many ways you can upcycle items you already have around your home, such as empty wine bottles. However, if you find furniture - or parts of something - on the corner of your street or in a junkyard, you might have to improvise. 

TikTok creator Emma Ann shares in her video what she and her husband did with some loose parts they found, and the results are stunning. Let's take a look!

Building a greenhouse from scratch isn't easy but so doable. 

As you can see in the video, they found a bunch of windows that were in great condition and decided to get creative with them. They also picked up some scrap wood and got working on their DIY project. Of course, they needed some other tools as well, such as a drill, screws, and probably spackle - or cement - to seal it all in, and to make it more sturdy and secure. 

It came out great. I think they could turn this into a barn bar. 

Looking at the comments section, TikTok also seems pleased.

As TikToker @kristiekay2319 wrote,

"You literally brought life to my idea I've had for so long!! love this!!"

Another TikToker (@kdh_lifeofamua) posted,

"All summer I collected free windows and scrap wood to do this but now I’m scared to actually start the build cause I’m not handy."

I hear that!

And TikToker @gigiky commented,

"Beautiful greenhouse. What was the cost to put that together?"

That's a good question, we'd like to know as well. 

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