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Apparently, We Have Been Using Trash Bags Incorrectly

We were today years old when we learned this…

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One of the greatest things about social media is we are able to learn so much from the universal platforms. Of course, we learn in many other ways as well, but sometimes, getting a visual lesson is almost just as good as learning from a personal experience.

And one of the most recent things we’ve learned thanks to social media, is we’ve been using our trash bags incorrectly. According to popular TikTok account @problemsolved, there’s a certain way to use trash bags and we’re almost sure majority of us all have been using them the opposite way.


As explained in the quick video, we’ve been using our trash bags wrong simply because we use them inside out. While trash bags work either way, most trash bags come inside out, so to fix it to have the seam in the inside, you simply take your trash bag and fit it around the rim of the trashcan like a hat. Next, you’ll gently push down on the inside of the trash bag and you’ll notice the seam is now on the inside.

Some additional tips she provided in the helpful video were to use dryer sheets at the bottom of your trashcan if you don’t use scented trash bags. Another thing to do to prevent terrible odors is to throw away any scraps in a plastic bag and tie it closed before placing it in the trashcan. Lastly, clean your trashcan every two weeks to prevent lingering odors and to keep things clean and fresh.

How many of you were aware you may have been using trash bags incorrectly?