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Non-Religious Couple Comes Up With Gorgeous Symbolic “Tree Ceremony” To Honor Their Union

And they will enjoy it for years to come.

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Marriage is a beautiful union that’s typically based on a religious belief and practice, however, if you’re not religious, what exactly can you do to honor and celebrate your union without attaching yourself to a religious practice?

Well, newlywed couple Laura and Will of TikTok account opted to forego a religious ceremony and did something a little more symbolic at their wedding by doing a tree ceremony and we love their unique approach!


In the video, the non-religious couple knew they wanted to do something special and decided that tree planting ceremony was what they preferred to do. The couple each kneeled down at the tiny tree in front of them and watered the plant together. As they mentioned, doing a tree planting ceremony give the couple an opportunity to replant it at home and watch it grow every year as they celebrate their anniversary.

We love this beautiful idea and so does their followers and viewers. “My grandparents did this, my grandma is buried underneath it, my grandpa will join beside her when it’s his time,” @_boujee_mouse_ shared. “Awww my husband and I did the same thing it’s in the backyard of his parents house since we’re retiring there. And every time I visit I see it grow,” @hera.eva wrote. “Take a pic with it every anniversary so you can see the progress with every year.” @backup101221 commented.

All of these comments and suggestions are beautiful. This idea is especially perfect if you’re a non-religious couple and still want to honor your ceremony.