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Here’s How to Properly Propagate a Tree

All you need is some dirt and some duct tape (yes, really).

Tree propagation is a great way of getting that prized apple tree that you so love from your neighbor, or maybe you’ve got a rare cutting that you want to grow but know it won’t root that well. But that doesn’t mean that propagation is all that easy, either, and that is one reason why we are always on the lookout for ways to make it a little bit simpler!

So if you are ready for an inexpensive ‘unlimited tree glitch’ in real life then you have to check out this hack!


TheLawnTools is a TikTok channel dedicated to, you guess it, lawncare, maintenance, and other similar activities. This means that trees fall under their purview, and we love this hack that makes it super simple, and cheap, to propagate your favorite tree (or trees!)

To start off you will want to fill a baggie with some soil, preferably one with good nutrients or even some potting soil. Then cut a ring around your tree, stripping the bark off of the stem where you will eventually cut the branch off. Take your baggie of soil, cut it open, then fold the cut and soil, around the stripped piece of tree.

From there you will want to wrap the baggie in some duct tape, which will not only keep the soil in place but will also keep the area warm and moist. Wrap that duct tape with some tin foil, making sure to tighten either side around your branch. From there you only need to leave it for about six weeks or so and remove everything. You should be able to see roots growing into the soil and you can lop off the branch just below, then plant your new tree in the ground wherever you want!

And that is it! Really simple and cheap, right? So go out and copy-paste yourself a whole forest!