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Woman Turns Tree Stump Into Mosaic Masterpiece

It got a whole new life.
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Tree stumps can be quite the eye sore, left to rot and turned into an ant hill haven. Removing stumps can be super tedious and sometimes dangerous, you can attempt to burn them out, bury them, or speed up the decomposing process. Some homeowners opt to repurpose their tree stumps such as potted plant stands, wood carvings, or hollowed out to use as a planter.

One creative method for repurposing a tree stump we haven’t seen before is turning the top surface into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. This is exactly what content creator and artist @ktraverart has done. She transformed a once large bald tree stump into a stunning mosaic display. 


She created a beautifully orchestrated mosaic and is seen sponging off the grout in the video to reveal a big orange sunshine in the middle with blue tones fading around the edges. Commenters loved this transformation idea as @wolfesbutterflie said “I love how your making it beautiful again”. The creator mentions the mosaic has lasted a year so far and is still going strong.

What a brilliant transformation!