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Family Shares Genius Tradition of Sawing Off a Piece of the Christmas Tree Trunk to Save as a Keepsake

It makes a really cool decoration too

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Christmas finally came to an end and people went bananas decorating their homes. This also included decorations turned family activities, as well as new traditions, such as creating a Christmas tree tent. And while a real Christmas tree was also being a front-runner for many households, for some that Christmas tree played a big part in family tradition.

Such as for TikTok creator Isabella Ricci, who shares in her video a very cute Christmas tree tradition, everyone should follow. Let's check it out!

How cute is this?

As you can see in the video, Isabella's family has been cutting off a piece of their Christmas tree trunk annually since 1985, the year her parents got married. And it's obvious, many Christmases have passed since then. As the box is full of Christmas tree trunk pieces, marked with each year, including the name of a new family member or a new dog. 

And every year for Christmas, they bring out the box and decorate their home with all these cut-off pieces, and before they'll toss out their current Christmas tree, they will cut a piece off the trunk and mark it with 2022.

TikTok loves this family tradition as well, looking at the comments section.

As TikToker @anaelysis commented,

"We got married this year,  this is such a sweet tradition."

Aw, I love that. 

Another TikToker (@daisy_1618) mentioned,

"I did this for my kids first Christmas trees! Also drilled a hole and made them into ornaments."

That's a great idea! But it might be a little heavy if you have a lot of them.

And TikToker @kellyconlon_  wrote,

"I work at a Christmas tree farm and we call the bottom of the trunk, we cut off, a cookie!"

That's cute! I had no idea!

What's your Christmas tradition?

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