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Woman Creates Trendy Modern Vase Using Clay and Spray Paint and It's So Beautiful

We want this!

It’s amazing how some people can take a look at something so plain and see more than what meets the eye. For example, you have interior designers who can walk into an empty room and within minutes see a beautiful space furnished with trendy pieces and a perfect color palette.

On the other hand, you have creatives such as TikTok user @manarallan04, who in this video, easily takes a plain glass vase and transforms it into a beautiful work of art using minimal tools and supplies and we’re impressed with the outcome!


In the video, the clay artist simply takes polymer clay and bends it into the desired shapes she needs to create the face. Afterwards, she glues, the nose, mouth and eye to the clear glass vase and finishes the project by spray painting the entire vase with a matte white spray paint.

The vase is simply gorgeous! Similar vases can easily cost upwards to a couple of hundred dollars, but she did it for a fraction of the cost.

Her followers were amazed with the final look of this simple DIY. “Love this!” @rachel5914 wrote. “Genius! Love it!” @ilianagurrola shared. “So running to get things to attempt making this!” @raisedonsweeettea commented.

This DIY is not only gorgeous and easy to do, but it can easily be a statement piece in your home!