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DIY ‘Trick’ Picture Frame Is a Brilliant Way To Never Lose Your Remote Again

Functional and aesthetically pleasing

We’ve all experienced losing a television remote. Instead of getting up to manually power on the TV, we’ll spend unnecessary time looking for the remote only to find it deeply squished between the couch cushions. Sure, the obvious option to avoid losing the remote is to simply place it on the coffee table, but if you have little kids, then you likely know that option will only work temporarily before your child begins to take off with it and you’re now playing a game of chase.

If you rather avoid all of that hassle and are looking for a different option that not only will help prevent losing the remote, but can also match your room’s aesthetic, then this easy project from TikTok DIY mom @vilda143 is perfect for you!


This hack so genius and simple to do! Besides the fact that it doesn’t take too long to complete, we also appreciate that you can hide a few things in the picture frames and no one would ever know. And if you have young kids, this hack is even better since they likely won’t be able to reach the picture frame depending on how high you place the frame on the wall.

Her followers flooded the comments sharing their love for this DIY project and we definitely get it. We love this customizable DIY, too!