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Here's Why It's Not Recommended to Trim Your Candlewick With Scissors

Oops, we had no idea!

While many of us may love using candles, the one thing that can strike nerve is when the candle doesn’t burn evenly and leaves a ton of beautifully-scented leftover wax after the wick has reached its’ end. Thankfully, you can remedy this quite annoying situation by trimming the wick, and while it’s tempting to reach for those handy pair of scissors to do the job, the candle makers over at Otherland (@otherland over on TikTok) don’t recommend it. Here’s why:

One of the most important things to note when using a candle is how to care for your candle and maintain proper “hygiene” according to the candlemakers i to trim your wick before the first use. While it my seem a bit “extra” to care this much for a candle, it’s the best thing to do to get optimal use of your smell good investment, regardless of the cost.

While scissors are an okay option, the candle experts don’t recommend this option because scissors aren’t able to get a good angle and if the shears are dull that can make your candle wick worse.

Bonus information to note — nail trimmers is another bad idea because again, it can cause more harm to the candle wick.

Instead, these candlemakers always recommend to use wick trimmers because the angles are there and their sharpness is ideal.

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