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It’s Time To Trim Your Peonies for Winter, Here's How!

Following these tips they will grow back bigger and stronger.
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When you think of a luxurious flower what comes to mind? Roses? Orchids? Tulips? Or maybe Peonies? One of nature's most glamorous flowers, the peony, soft in color and look, makes its way in any elegant event. The peony is such a great flower to grow at home, their foliage is bright green and bushy and the blooms are large and fragrant. They have very few threats from disease and pest problems and are animal resistant to nearly every animal including deer!

With growing peonies to keep up with optimal health it is crucial to maintain the shrub by doing routine pruning just before winter. Home gardener and peony lover @greenvalleygable posted to TikTok a video of how she prunes her peonies so they grow back larger and healthier each year. 

In her video the woman starts out by showing her peony bushes, which seem to be drooping from the first signs of winter. Instead of doing a light trimming the woman explains it's important to cut them back almost all the way to the base of the soil. When they grow back the blooms will be larger and the stems will be stronger since frost was not able to damage it!

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