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This Woman Gives Her Living Room a Tropical Makeover

I have to make an IKEA run now.

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Sometimes it is hard to visualize how a dull room can be transformed into something cool-looking and homey but TikTok or Pinterest are great places to gather some inspiration. And if you don't know how to transform your IKEA furniture into something that looks like you made it from scratch, you can take a look at this IKEA bookshelf transformation.

Speaking of IKEA bookshelf transformation, TikToker Melanie - of the channel @melaniejadedesign - demonstrates in her video how she upgraded her IKEA bookshelf, as well as her living room in a few simple steps.


Now that's what I call an upgrade! The before and after look like day and night. If you have the same IKEA bookshelf - which is the BILLY bookcase - grab yourself some paint and some plank wood and you could create the same. Melanie basically created arches and made the bookshelf look like it is actually a built-in bookshelf, which she accomplished. 

The color combo, in this dark mint green with the gold cabinet knobs, also works well together. But the highlight is the tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper, which also compliments the paint color and cabinet knobs, as well as the sofa. Melanie also created an accent wall by adding color blocks and hanging picture frames. 

And last but not least, let's not forget about the fireplace and the added brick wall. Now the place certainly looks and feels homey.

You can totally swing this as well!