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Woman Creates Functional Sink Out Of Thrifted Music Instrument

We cannot get over how stunning and creative this is.

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Nowadays, it seems as though you can repurpose just about anything. From transforming an Ikea bunkbed into the coolest indoor playhouse or converting a small side table into an adorable tiny pet home, I’ve witnessed just about every kind of item receive a second life, or so I thought; that is until I came across this impressive redo of a musical instrument that was given an opportunity to serve another purpose.

Recently, TikToker @maiara.walsh and a friend uploaded a video showing how they took a thrifted tuba and transformed it into a remarkable working bathroom sink!


The couple got pretty creative with their bathroom decor, and all it took was some blue tape, a few tools- including a drill and saw, some elbow grease, patience, skill and an incredible amount of determination to create this artsy one-of-a-kind bathroom sink.

Talk about taking music appreciation to a whole other level!

Not only does the sink instantly jazz up the bathroom space (no pun, intended), but we can also only imagine how beautiful the water sounds when it hits the instrument.

TikTok user @Lizagna said “I want to know what it sounds like when the water runs!”

Honestly, us too!