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Woman Designs Colorful Custom Painted Tumblers Using Dawn Dish Soap

This hack is too cool!

For many people, coffee is an essential part of their morning routine. Whether you like to brew your own coffee at home or you prefer to order your favorite café mocha with almond milk and no whipped cream at Starbucks, there’s no denying plenty of folks are big fans of the popular morning beverage.

Depending on how often you take your daily coffee to-go, it’ll definitely be beneficial to have a reusable tumbler rather than constantly wasting paper cups every day. Sure, you can get a plain regular tumbler, but why not jazz it up with some bright colors à la these custom painted tumblers by TikTok craft account @crafty.diply. These brightly-colored tumblers are not only unique, but will give you an extra ‘pick-me-up’ in the mornings!


We’re stunned with how Dawn dish soap spray is able to create this custom-painted tumbler! It’s a cheap DIY that stands out and adds a personalized touch to the tumbler.

We love that it’s so easy to do! Simply spray paint the tumbler in random spots using your favorite colors, covering the entire tumbler if you’d like. Next take the Dawn dish soap and spray it onto random areas on the painted tumbler. Afterwards, take the desired spray paint color and spray over the entire tumbler. Finally, pour water onto the tumbler and spray a clear glaze over the tumbler. It’s also dishwasher safe as long as you seal with an epoxy, spray sealer or brush on sealer, too!

Ultimately, these cute tumblers are so easy to do an require little effort which makes for a perfect custom DIY hack.