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Bride Wants a ‘Twilight’ Inspired Wedding and She May Have Just Found the Perfect Venue

Sparkling groom not included.

Whether you’re a Twilighter, Fanpire, or are indifferent to the extremely popular billion dollar franchise known as “Twilight,” you can’t deny the impact it had on pop culture. The franchise took the world by storm and while “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” didn’t receive the best reviews, you can’t deny that the wedding scene between Bella and Edward was absolutely breathtaking and practically made the movie based off that scene alone.

Given the enchanted and dreamy look of the nuptials featuring beautiful strands of wisteria falling from the forestial trees and the lush greenery surrounding the entire area, it’s no surprise that many couples have recreated the iconic wedding scene or are looking to do so for their own wedding. Case in point — TikTok user and bride-to-be @berlinsophia who claimed that Bella and Edward’s wedding was her dream wedding, and well, judging by the venue she found, it looks her wedding dreams are coming true!


This venue is stunning! The walkway that has seating on both sides is so perfect and spot on to the serene wedding she wants to recreate. The beauty of having a wedding in this space is that she won’t have to do too much decorating unless she wants to. If the soon-to-be bride wanted to keep the decorations simple but still add a little something, adding a floral arch at then end of the walk way would be the perfect touch that will complement the beautiful outdoor space.

The comments section is filled with people who love the space and wanted to know where it’s located. Thankfully, she shared that the wedding venue is called Florida Rustic Barn Weddings and is located in Plant City, Fla.