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If You’re Tired Of Flowers, This DIY Wedding Centerpiece Is Perfect

This looks stunning.

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Everyone who has gotten married at least once in their lifetime knows how stressful it can be to plan one, even as a wedding planner. Sometimes the bride-to-be has to jump in and help out creating a beautiful centerpiece, which is one of the most important pieces in a wedding, next to the wedding cake. 

TikTok creator Anna of the channel @designsbyshadiek came up with a gorgeous idea for a wedding centerpiece that doesn't involve flowers, as you can see in her video. 


It looks like it came straight out of a princess movie! So cute and easy to make! 

If you want to recreate this - wedding or not - you just need a few things you can get at the Dollar Store and Michaels. 

Let's start with the base, which is a plastic plate. You would then add a PVC pipe which you'd hot glue to the plate, add some quick-dry cement - for permanent weight - and let it dry. Next, use a cute and girly umbrella - maybe a vintage one - which you'd have to sand down, so it fits at least 2'' inside the PVC pipe, and add some white paint so it matches the pipe. For the bottom, you'd use some wet floral foam, as it is heavy enough to stand on its own, and then add some fake flowers. And lastly, hang those cute acrylic candle holders with invisible thread and attach them to the branches of the umbrella, add the faux tea lights, and your DIY project is completed. That simple! 

We love this out-of-the-ordinary wedding centerpiece idea!