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I Don’t Care If You Hate Halloween, You Need to See This DIY Uncle Fester Lamp

Pure. Talent.

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You may not have seen an Addam’s Family show or clip in years but we bet that you can probably still repeat every line of the intro song, complete with finger snaps. With us, all it takes is someone even humming that little melody and we’re automatically snapping along, almost as if our brains are on autopilot.

Suffice it to say, we love the Addam’s Family. So when we saw one crafty TikTok creator sculpt herself a Fester-themed lamp, you know we had to jump all over it and show you guys and gals right away!


To start off, we’d like to point out that Kallie Weisgarber, the creator in this video, has never sculpted before. So there are some major points already in her favor from trying something so insanely challenging.

She starts off with a general shape made out of tinfoil which she then starts slinging some clay onto and beginning to shape down. Some folding here, a poke there, and a lot of careful time and effort and we see the beginnings of a head start to take shape. The entire base is then chucked into the oven to cook and cool before Kallie brings it back out and starts the painting process.

To finish off the look Kallie wraps the base, aka the shoulders, of Fester in some brown cloth and faux fur, making it look like the upper torso of the familiar Uncle. Now what we love most about this is that poor Fester’s head is an actual functioning lamp. The lightbulb goes in through the mouth and screws into the lamp base which can then be turned on!

Honestly, the finished look is both creepy and cool, which perfectly fits in with the overall aesthetic of any Addam’s Family member!