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Man Makes Super Functional Under Stair Storage That Blends Right In

You’d never know they were drawers just by looking at them.
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There can never be enough storage space in a home. Places to put all the holiday decor, Amazon impulse buys, artwork, toys and games from the kids, and to hide all the clutter when company comes over.

One of the worst things is having your only storage place for all these items being in a hard to reach area, like out in the garage or tucked away in the attic, especially when you have perfectly good “dead spaces” in your home that aren’t being utilized.

TikTok organization page @spacetidy shared a recent video of a man who made use of the dead space under his stairs to create a nifty and functional storage space.

After cutting and hollowing out the space under his stairs- making sure to not cut any supporting elements- the man then creates the frame for the storage inserts. He adds in his cabinetry doors of different sizes, a taller closet door, some sliding drawers and blends them all smoothly with matching trim.

Using the system the man choose he was able to turn his once dead space into a organizers dream and very quickly at that! One of the commentators, Dean Ryderson, jokes “You’re not supposed to finish the build in one day, like come on, we have wives on this app”!

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