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Woman’s “Unfinished Craft Jar” Is the Best Solution to Getting Through Those Projects

What a cool way to motivate yourself!

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Crafting can be tons of fun, but it can also be complicated at the same time! You have tons of supplies and so many ideas but limited time to do them all. And then of course there are the crafts that you were gung-ho about at the moment but that fell to the wayside at one point or another.

Well, one crafter has a brilliant solution to help motivate you to finish those crafts!


Brittany Steele does crafts.

A lot of crafts. So many crafts that she often starts one and isn’t able to finish it before she has moved on to the next. This has left her with a craft room that is filled with half-finished projects, or projects that have just barely been started but with no completion date in sight.

And while this could be considered a good problem to have, there’s also a distinct lack of motivation to get things done. And how do you decide what to start doing when all of them seem appealing at the moment? So Brittany decided to solve it by taking the decision of what she will be doing out of her hands!

Enter the craft project jar! Essentially you would write down every single in-progress project you have on blank pieces of paper, fold them up, and chuck them in your jar. Then whenever you get the random itch to create or work on something you don’t have to make the decision yourself. Just reach into your jar and pull out a slip and whatever comes out will be the project you work on!

This is a great idea if you have a hard time making decisions of if you just don’t want to pick something yoursel! It can also be a great way to keep an ADHD brain on track because you’ll always have a reminder of the crafts left unfinished and where to jump back in on them at!