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Man Makes Stunning Flower Arrangement With a Piece of Wood

Thinking outside the bouquet

A beautiful floral arrangement is always a great way to jazz up a space in your home. Not only is it cheap to create a floral arrangement, it’s also a great way to express your creative ideas.

Whether you create your floral arrangement based off the type of flowers, their colors or scent, the possibilities are endless. Just ask the unique floral arranger behind the TikTok account @mia.floral. He created this unique floral arrangement using a piece of wood and it’s absolutely gorgeous.


As shown in the quick video, he simply takes a piece of thick wood and places it on the edge of the vase to fit halfway into the water, while also taking a tiny piece of wood and cutting it to fit perfectly in the vase. To finish off this simple, yet stunning floral arrangement, he takes a leafy and veiny plant with simple pink blooms, and adds it to the water, trimming off the excess of green leaves he didn’t deem necessary to keep.

We agree with the comment section when they say they absolutely adored the green and pink floral plant as-is before he cut off a few pieces, the organic-looking floral arrangement still turned out gorgeous!