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This DMV Man's Response To Unwanted Home Guests Is Hilarious

He's bold.

In today’s world, we receive unwanted communication in all forms — automated calls, spam emails and solutions at your front door. While you can set up spam filters on your phone and email accounts, you can’t necessarily do that at your door; and the closest you’ll get to that, is simply putting up a “no solicitors allowed” or “no trespassing” sign, however, not everyone abides by those signs.

Not one to feel pressured into answering his door when unwanted guests come, this TikTok content creator Deon of @deon.k.washington has a perfect (and hilarious) way he responds to unwanted visitors and TikTok can’t get enough of his approach!


As seen in the video, he responds to the question “What is your toxic trait?” To which he responds, “I don’t answer the door for uninvited guests. But I make sure they know I’m home.” In the same clip, he shows us two men at his front door that make eye contact with him as he pushes his curtains away from his window and waves back at them — letting them know he’s there but no, he’s not answering the door.

Considering most of us try to be quiet to avoid letting unwanted solicitors know we’re actually home, it’s hilarious seeing how he boldly gathers their attention and refuses to answer the door.

His followers in the comment section were just as impressed (and amused) with his bold decision as well.