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Mixed Greens and an Upcycled Vase Make for Easy, Unique Decor

All it takes is a few stray branches.

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If you're tired of your home decor, it might be time for a little change. If you're not very good at coming up with ideas, there are plenty of ways to incorporate new elements into your home without spending much money. You can also repurpose old items creatively to make them look brand new again!

You can use a decorative book sleeve or book cover for an easy, unique look. Just glue it over the container to make your vase look fancy and high-class.

If you have a pretty design on a book that is relevant to you (like your name), use that instead of a standard-looking floral pattern and enhance the effect by writing your name directly on the sleeve with chalk!

Another commenter suggested this idea, "Awesome! Old calendars often have nice pics you can use too… My city’s reuse centre has tons of those to give away." @Karen Lois Shantz

Others were just as impressed (as we are) by this woman's simple creativity.

"Amazing upcycle."@StarrySunnny

"Very pretty." @Annette

This is a wonderful way to use things you already have around your home, like books and branches, to make something new. You can use any kind of container—including a glass vase—and any kind of book cover (again, even if it's used). As for the branch itself, the possibilities are endless: try using more than one branch in your project! This will result in a unique statement piece that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

The best part about this project is that it doesn't require a lot of special tools or skills. All you need is creativity, an old book cover or magazine page, and branches from your yard (instead of disposing of all of them)! You can make your unique vase at home with things you already have on hand.

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