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Woman Upcycles a Curb Find Into a Whimsical Christmas Gift

Someone else's trash really could be treasure.

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The holidays are fast approaching and with them comes the pressure to find just the right gifts for loved ones. While it's important to put thought into what you're giving, it can also be fun to upcycle unwanted items into something special for people on your list.

One woman is reminding us this season that it's not the cost or quantity of presents that count. It's the thought you put into them that truly makes them special.

After finding a discarded tree figurine at the curb, she turns it into a whimsical piece of art—an inspiration for us all to embrace our inner artists and make something beautiful out of nothing.

Plenty of people were charmed, wow-ed, and impressed by this woman's creativity and ingenuity.

"Thank you for saving him. He found his rightful owner in you guys. Beautiful job!" @Billie

"I saw this exact figure at the ren faire once. I think about him a lot." @Scarlett

Surely the mystic tree is as impressed as we are at this woman's upcycling skills.

Upcycling takes an object that has outlived its primary function and gives it a new life as something else. It's a great way to get creative, use things you already have, and create something beautiful from what would otherwise be trash. You can upcycle anything from old clothes to thrift store finds—and here's how:

We hope we’ve inspired you to try some of these ideas out. There’s so much joy in getting lost in the creative process, and it is rewarding when you see your hard work pay off. Whether you're creating something for yourself or someone else this holiday season, remember that it's all about having fun! 

The more you enjoy yourself while working on your craft project (or any project!), the more likely it will turn out well.